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Flora Fekete is a Hungarian artist who studied Fine Art and graduated in Hungary in 2012 as a Visual Artist, BA.


Flora grew up in a small Hungarian mining city, Tatabanya, when communism had just ended in the country. Her grandparents lived in a village nearby, making their living by farming. Besides, her grandads were commuting to the town’s mine daily. Flora loved the countryside and spent a lot of time in the village.


In high school, a known Hungarian painter Jozsef Banfi was her drawing teacher, and by him, she was introduced to the world of art.

Fine art enchanted her from the first moment with the freedom of creativity and the opportunity for self-expression through colours.


Flora composes large oil paintings featuring vibrant colours and unique graphic designs. Flowers, trees, and birds are recurring themes in her art.


Her grandparents adored and valued nature for providing a living for them; Flora found inspiration in it. The change of seasons, growing trees, and wandering birds have amazed her since childhood.


She is an observer who expresses the relationship between humanity and nature, as she firmly believes that our freedom is in constant change.

Coming soon
Solo & Group Shows

Holy Art Fair / OXO Tower / 2023

Willesden Gallery / London / 2020

La Pall Mall / Summer Show / London / 2017

 Brick Lane / London / 2017

Kelebekia / Istanbul / 2016

Iztop / Izmit / 2015

Keri Galeria / Tatabánya / 2014

Kertesz 29 / Budapest / 2013

Opel Gallery / Tatabánya / 2012

Puskin / Tatabánya / 2010

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